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Leak and Spill Water Traps


Catch water based drips, leaks and spills for example from an umbrellor. Keep products dry against it's plastic water proof face. Use wet Floodlock Leak and Spill Traps as a reservoir to feed hanging baskets and potted plants, when chilled to make a cold pack for sprains and bruises, when warm to help defrost cars ...

  1. Securely catch, soak and remove dirty spills and leaks from even the most awkward-to-reach areas!

  2. Soak upto 1.75 Litres (3 Pints) of water based fluid per 20cm (7") x 30cm (11") pad.

  3. Watering & feed thirsty plants so they don't suffer from drought.

  4. Wet and chilled, they make great flexible cold packs whether to keep food and drinks chilled or to place on a bruise or sprain.

  5. Wet with luke warm water they can be used to deice a car, move the warm pack over the ice and snow and wipe off the melted water.

  6. Flexible blue plastic base stays dry, protecting anything it touches from water damage.


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Flood Traps Door & Window Seal Boosters


The UK Government commissioned Pitt Review found no evidence sandbags were effective for household use in 2007! Flood Traps are your easiest, lowest cost and most effective alternative.

Suppliers to the Environment Agency charge £94.00 for 10 filled bags each weighing 15kg, including delivery, while 10 delivered infleatable sandbags cost over £70. Flood Traps to do the same job or better of stopping water from getting in through your front door cost just £29.39. Each pack of Floodlock® Flood Traps makes it easy for you, school aged children and the elderly to obstruct floods from entering though gaps around sturdy doors and windows. One pack provides protection against 0.63m (25") to 0.8m (31") deep flood, depending on the width of the door and the height of the door step. You can simply use more packs for bigger openings and for protection against deeper floods.Flood Traps are:-

  1. Ideal against all surface floods, even tidal and coastal floods.

  2. Empowering and so easy to use a child could fit them.

  3. Ever ready until wet & small enough to store in a draw.

  4. Easily disposed of as household waste or buried. 

  5. Independently proven effective on test and in real life, Visit our news and articles page to see who liked it and why.

  6. Ultra lightweight 100 grams per 60 cm strip when dry length, max 2kg when wet

  7. Click here to learn more about this innovation and how it can help you prepare for flood.


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Messups Restore Wet Surfaces Fast


A dry cleaner for surfaces Messups does just that, it picks wet mess up making it quicker and easier for you to make a clean start. Our unique blend leaves no sippery residue or unpleasant whiff, it simply absorbs vomit, pet waste, spilled oil, ink, paint ... so you can sweep it up and start afresh.

  1. Naturally, Quickly and Easily Clean & Freshen Surfaces after Hazardous Spills!,

  2. Effective against oil, water, bodily fluids, ink, paint and many other messy and infectious hazards.

  3. Your ideal travel companion, especially when travelling with babies, children, teenagers, adults and pets who may suffer from travel sickness, this quick "dry cleaner" is a life saver.

  4. Works to restore grip to wet, slippery surfaces from the floor to your hands.

  5. Absorbs fould odours replacing them with a fresh scent.

  6. 100 gram pack soaks up to 5 Litres of wet mess, converting it into crumbs to be brushed away quickly and safely, reducing the risk of contamination.

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Reduce damage from too much or too little water with Floodlock Leak and Spill Traps



Floodlock Leak and Spill Traps are ideal for 100's of uses like:Each 20 x 30 cm x 1mm thick pad absorbs and holds upto 1.75L of water in a non-drip gel while the blue PVC face below keeps items below the pad, like furnishings or electrical products, dry.

  • mopping up contaminated water in hard to reach places and

  • soothing bumps & bruises from a wet pad kept in the freezer

  • supplying water to plants so they suffer less if you water them less often

  • deicing cars, fridges, freezers ...     

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Flood Traps - DIY Flood Door Kits - enable you to better seal your robust outside doors against flood water pressure.

​Simply place the three lengths in the pack along the bottom and up the sides of your door (or window) frame & shut that door. Rapidly swelling to create a water proof gel when wet on a typical UK size door you can get protection against 0.5m (20") deep flood water per pack, plus the height of any door steps, so typically 2ft / 61cms.  Against saline water floods just wet half the width of the strips with tap water first, then trap the dry part between the door and the frame as usual.

To buy our unique, affordable and proven Floodlock Flood Traps and turn your robust doors and windows into flood resistant doors and flood resistant windows that help keep surface floods from getting in through gaps around doors and windows, please select add to basket now. This shop supports payment via PayPal.

Reduce Injury & Infection with Messups Quick Dry Up Powder    


Each pack contains enough powder to

  • Convert up to 5 litres of wet mess into crumbs to be swept up or vacuum cleaned away
  • Smother infectious and hazardous waste reducing the risk of them spreading.

  • Quickly absorb hazardous oil and water based muck from hands to floors.

  • Capture germs like tissues before they are spread, removing the breeding ground, reducing the risk of cross contamination and leaving less to disinfect more thoroughly as necessary.

  • Reduce possible slips, trips, injury and consequential damage as it quickly removes slimy wet mess on hard surfaces restoring their natural grip.

  • Make for a safer way to clean up after travel sickness, pets... virtually any spills.

  • Neutralise foul odours and replacing them with a fresh scent so the incident zone is quickly restored free from pungent and distracting odours.

  • Is a great health and safety product, something we can all use to help us manage the least pleasant and more hazardous cleanup tasks whether at home, work or out with the family.

  • Helps to get a grip by quickly drying oil or other slippery stuff off your hands.