Messups Powder - quickly dries and restores gri...

Messups quick drier, grip restorer & contamination reducer.

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Order 2 or more, delivery is FREE 
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For safe removal of domestic and commercial unwanted pet, human or other wet mess. Helps remove oil and water based hazardous waste matter quickly and naturally. 


  • Replaces foul odours with a fresh scent.
  • Traps hazardous matter and potentially infectious material for safe disposal. Handle as infectious matter if used for this task and disinfect the site and anything that came into contact with the material thoroughly to prevent cross infection / contamination.
  • Ideal to speedily restore grip to slippery floors to reduce risk of injury from slips - a major cause of accidents at home and at work according to the HSE (Health and Safety Executive). 
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to store and transport to site as part of an emergency kit.
  • Mix Messups powder with any soggy or wet mass to create easy to collect fresher-scented crumbs. 
  • Makes it easier to remove sick (travel sick) and other bodily fluids from surfaces.
  • 100g pack can convert up to 5 Litres of wet mess into easy-to-brush-up crumbs.

​Here you can see how chicken noodle soup that simulated vomit was covered in Messups powder, dried and swept away to leave a dry useable surface, what you cannot see is that the powder also restored a fresh fragrance as it removed the smell of the soup from the floor.