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Leak and Spill Water Traps

Leak and Spill Water Traps

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Floodlock Leak and Spill Traps save you time and money by preventing and addressing potentially damaging events. Use them to capture 1.75 Litres of water for plants so they're less likely to wither, to prevent accidental water damage from drips, to dry up a leak in an awkward place like under the sink or even wet and keep them in a freezer for use as a flexible cold pack or warm them with hot tap water to help de-ice the car. 

Click here to see a how they soak up water into a non drip gel with a stay dry surface and imagine what you could do with a pack.




Leak & Spill Traps are ideal for 100's of uses like:Each 20 x 30 cm x 1mm thick pad absorbs and holds upto 1.75L of water in a non-drip gel while the blue PVC face below keeps items below the pad, like furnishings or electrical products, dry.

  • mopping up contaminated water in hard to reach places and

  • soothing bumps & bruises from a wet pad kept in the freezer, re-useable and better than frozen peas.  

  • supplying water to plants so they suffer, wilt and die less if you water them less often

  • deicing cars, fridges, freezers ...   

Floodlock Leak and Spill Pads use patented super absorbent non drip cloth for great, consistent water absorption.

One face is porous to absorb water & the other large face, usually the bottom, is non porous flexible PVC plastic to ensure the captured water cannot come in to contact with water sensitive items beneath like electrics, bedding, flooring, fabric, furniture …

Just 300mm x 200mm x 1mm deep when dry it's an easy fit for products from boilers to pet bedding, to line plant pots and trays... just add more to cover bigger surfaces. 

Save time and money by preventing & addressing potentially damaging events with Floodlock Leak and Spill Traps.



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