Floodlock Flood Traps, more info

Floodlock Flood Traps, more info

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Effective protection against flood entry through doors. Each pack enables you to make a temporary flood door to the height the 2mm thick strips run up the side of the door, typically for floods 0.5m (20 inches) deep + the height of your door steps. For protection against deeper floods and larger doors, simply use more strips.

  1. Ideal against all surface floods, even tidal and coastal floods.

  2. Empowering and so easy to use a child could fit them.

  3. Store in a draw - ever ready until wet.

  4. Easily disposed of as household waste or buried. 

  5. Developed to replace sand bags the UK Government commissioned Sir Michael Pitt's review executive summary ES.49 & ES.50 found ineffective for household​ use in 2007.

  6. Independently proven effective on test and in real life, Visit our news and articles page to see who liked it and why.

  7. Ultra lightweight when dry, less than 100 grams per 60 cm length, max 2kg per length when wet.

  • Clamp the 2mm thick Flood Traps between a door (or windows) & its frame. Once wet with unsalted flood water or tap water Flood Traps immediately swell to form a soft water-resistant gel that closes gaps helping keep all surface floods, even tidal floods, out.
  • Compare them to 10 sandbags to imagine the savings from effort, to time, to transport and storage, to disposal and weigh up the cost benefits for yourself and the planet..
  • Follow the link to read the UK Government commissioned Sir Michael Pitt's review executive summary ES.49 & ES.50 and see for yourselves how Pitt condemned sandbags as ineffective for household use. It is a statement of fact from the most highly reputed British expert and his team based on solid evidence considered after the devastating summer 2007 floods. It inspired us to develop Flood Traps and offer them to you even if it is taking years for the UK authorities to implement his findings.



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