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How Flood Trap Tape Can Save Energy and Prevent Flooding by 95%


Floodlock Flood Trap Tape:

  • Boosts door seals, reducing contaminated water entry by up to 95%.
  • Protects against floods up to 0.45m / 18” above door threshold.
  • Acts as a draught excluder to help you save on energy bills.

Ideal for use around exposed outside doors leading to homes, basements and business premises.

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Whether you are asking:

"How can I protect my home from flooding?"

"What are the best flood barriers?" 


"Why is it raining so much?"

We have some answers for you to consider.

To protect your property against floods there are many flood barriers available. The best advice is to use a belt and braces approach, that is to say do not rely on any single product for flood mitigation. Each product comes with its own strengths and limitations and you will only kick yourself if the solution is not quite what you would have wished for. If you wish to add braces to the Flood Traps belt please visit the National Flood Forum's Blue Pages where you will see many paid adverts for flood products.

Which is best for your property is another question. If the risk of a deep flood worries you it may be worth having someone survey your property and advise you on a range of installed products. They could also advise on changing the way the home is decorated to make it easier to recover from a flood.

If you are starting your journery and looking for ways to reduce the damage, or to buy time should you face a surface level flood, lower cost temporary flood mitigation measures may suffice. In this case you could look at ways of reducing flood water from getting in through your doors, air bricks and any other weak points in the building, like where drain pipes exit the home.

Global warming is melting millions of tonnes of ice every day, releasing fresh water into the sea from where it evapororates and, because warmer air holds more water, instead of a drizzle the rain is getting steadily heavier.... As the ground cannot absorb the heavier downpours, and often the drains can't either, the chances of being flooded with flood water contaminated with "nasties" will continue to rise until we reverse global warming and the damage it has already caused - so not any time soon.

If you factor in building in flood plains and straightening waterways (rivers & canals...) to make them easier to navigate, we should expect faster water flow to spill out and cause more damage. There is growing evidence to make the case that it is more a question of when, rather than if, we will be flooded as more properties enter the at risk categories.


For further insight into how the world is heating up visit the World Meteorological Organisation's Climate change indicators reached record levels in 2023: Press release of 19 March 2024

How to Keep Your Property Drier and Safer from Surface Water Floods

Door Barrier Tape and Weather Stripping are primarily designed to seal gaps around doors and windows enough to prevents drafts, cold air, and moisture from entering your home. When I put tap water 15cm (6") up my locked back door door fitted with weather strips in just 20 seconds 4.4 litres, about 1 gallon, of water flooded in! 

That’s more than 2 big 2L family size bottles of cola every 20 seconds! Imagine the damage that would cause to your home, holiday property or business and the stress / trauma to all, especially to children and the most vulnerable.

Traditionally to protect your doors from floods you'd have to invest in flood barriers, such as flood doors, flood gates / flood door panels or more temporary emergency measures like inflatable sandbags or quick dams to bolster door insulation.

Maybe, like us, you are turned off by them as you consider your property to be at low risk of flooding & cannot justify their:

  • high-ticket price
  • constant visible reminder / advertisement that your home is at risk of flooding
  • installation costs
  • maintenance costs
  • need for storage space
  • limited or questionable performance
    (Sandbags were classed as ineffective for household use in the 2007 Pitt Review Executive Summary ES.49, ES.50
  • weight and shape and how manipulating them may need more strength or muscle power than you expect to have available when demands on time are high before a flood
  • high environmental impact once you add up the material and energy resources to create, store, distribute and dump or recycle them

Floodlock® Flood Trap Door Barriers are not just any Door Barrier with Self-Adhesive Backing, They Can Reduce Flooding by 95% & Save enegy

If you think about it most doors are strong enough to withstand the pressure of 0.5m (1.6ft) deep flood, so we decided to focus on strengthening the areas around the doors through which water enters. While Door Barrier Tape and Weather Stripping are effective against drafts and air infiltration, they could not provide sufficient protection against heavy water pressure and flow. While securing a patent we invested in exploring and developing ways to create a more robust and specialized flood water resistant door barrier.

Flood Trap Tape, covered by our patent, is a composite tape that seals your doors from water and air. It activates automatically when it touches water, blocking out up to 95% of the elements on test. It is easy to use, cost-effective, reusable (until contaminated), and eco-friendly consuming fewer resources than most alternatives over its life time. Unlike sandbags and other temporary solutions, Flood Trap Tape can be applied invisibly in advance and left in place, giving you peace of mind and protection from floods, without advertising your concerns.

Flood Trap Tape is a high-quality and high-performance flood reducing product, developed and tested over years of research. It is an excellent choice for flood-proofing and insulating your doors. Worry less about floods damaging your property and stressing you out. Try Flood Trap Tape today and see how it can keep your home drier and more energy-efficient.

We made a short You Tube video that shows 

  1. How, compared to weather strips alone, it kept over 95% more flood water out. Just 2% (0.2L) of the 10L got through compared to 44% (4.4L)
  2. How to fit & use Floodlock Flood Trap Composite Door Barrier Tape and
  3. Why it's best not to rely on sandbags alone:
    the video includes a clip from a test on sandbags in a BSI approved test facility witnessed by Mary Long-Dhonau OBE UK's property flood resilience champion & Simon Crowther - The Flood Guy®

For prices and to proceed to buy please click on Floodlock® Flood Traps Tape and we will do our best to supply you, wherever you are.

If you are looking for more than 50, or would like to ask any questions before making a decision or have any thoughts you wish to share with us, please e-mail Thank you.

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