About us - Allups Limited

About us - Allups Limited

Concerned about health and safety we believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is especially true when it comes to injury, in addition to the obvious physical damage to health and property, the emotional and psychological trauma following an unforeseen or unplanned for incident is so much harder to address and often has much longer-term consequences. We designed our small innovative range of Floodlock products to help people take care of themselves by reducing the effects of water damage, whether from floods, leaks or spills. We have created 3 tools we can all use to safeguard our memories and protect hard-earned property and assets and, more importantly ourselves, loved ones and businesses because no one wants to be a burden.

Flood Traps – the thinking behind it

National Health England produced a report in 2017 The English National Study for Flooding and Health looking at the medium to long-term effects of flooding. Their findings concluded there are “high levels of probable depression, anxiety and PTSD amongst those who had floodwater in their homes, but elevated levels in those whose homes were not flooded, but whose lives were otherwise disrupted.”

We have witnessed more flash flooding and other extreme weather in recent years so that now communities are investing heavily in upgrading infrastructure. There is a real expectation that we will face more frequent and severe climatic events making it more challenging to thrive or even survive in some places.

In 2009, we read the UK government commissioned Pitt Review’s executive summary issues in 2007 looking for a way we could contribute to a better society having done our time rising through the ranks in the labour market.

Two pieces of the executive summary struck us:

ES.49 ‘Strategic sandbagging’ can be successfully used alongside roads or adjacent to important buildings to prevent them from flooding, but the work needs to be done properly by experts. The Review was unable to obtain any significant evidence that sandbags were particularly effective during the 2007 summer floods in providing protection to individual households.  And

ES. 50 Nevertheless, sandbags are still widely regarded as an important focus for community action and they should not simply be withdrawn. The general provision of sandbags should be phased out in favour of better products such as kite-marked flood boards, airbrick covers and other forms of temporary defence.

Further research has since shown that if we do not take action by default we "agree" to become victims, we learn a helplessness that is damaging to our mental health and adds to the emotional trauma we as flood victims’ face. This is especially true of children who cannot be build a wall out of 10 x 15kg sandbags. Often they report feeling helpless, vulnerable and so scared that they become traumatised and scarred.

We decided to create a replacement for sandbags. Of course, sandbags are low cost, so our solution had to be low cost too. Sandbags are used to build walls in front of doors, as are flood boards, so we focused our energy on this specific application. Doors are very robust with multi-lever locks made of sturdy material to keep burglars out.
We decided to work with existing infrastructure, rather than build a wall, by boosting the door or window seals when they face a flood. 
Flood Traps were born.

Why we invented Floodlock Soak Up Pads, some great applications.

Watching a Gas engineer fold an incontinence pad over to fit above the electrics and PCB before servicing a boiler we thought we could do better, with a more compact and better-sealed pad.

Floodlock® 175 Soak Up Pads are lined with plastic to ensure one surface (the bottom) remains dry. We then noticed people started using them as hanging basket liners, flexible alternatives to buckets for catching drips and even as cold packs for bruises…. 

Floodlock Wet Mess Clean Up Powder were the result of a need to quickly and effectively clean and deodorise cars after carsickness, we simply could not wait until the end of each journey to clean up the car. Despite out best efforts on route the stench often distracted us from fully enjoying the planned experience. Blended to remove not only water based but also greasy (milky) vomit with a pleasant fresh fragrance we developed Floodlock® Wet Mess Clean Up Powder.  Friends, family, teachers a catalogue buyer told us it was unique and very effective. They asked us if we could make it available to help anyone faced with a need to restore an area to use without leaving a slippery residue or unpleasant smell; so that is what we did,

Of course, no one likes or wants to face situations that threaten our homes, cars, family and health. We believe our Floodlock range can help you just then, when you are preparing to prevent or reduce the significant damage life's undesireable events can cause.

Thank you for choosing to try our products. We hope you benefit and share what you have found with your friends, family and colleagues so they can benefit too. Please do let us know what you think by e-mail ...  and please visit us again soon.

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Flood Traps inflatable seals

£24.99* Inc 20% VAT.
For goods bought outside the EU 20% VAT will be removed at checkout so the Net price £20.83 (26.70USD
) applies.

Ultra quick, effective, easy and affordable Flood Traps can replace or support the traditional pile of 10-14 sandbags hastily filled and stacked in front of a robust outside door as surface flood warnings are announced.

Patented Flood Traps: trapped between a door or window and its frame quickly absorb water, swelling from 2mm to make a soft waterproof gel that helps seal floodwater from entering through gaps.

  • Easily secured against floodwater tides and pressure Flood Traps remain effective until the floodwater drains away or you open the door.
  • More strips,extending the lining around an opening for protection against deeper floods or for wider doors or windows, can be added.
  • 3 x 0.6m lengths of water-activated sealer per pack weigh 6kgs when wet, 2kg/strip.
  • Used Flood Traps are accepted as household waste or can be buried by water loving plants.
  • Made in Britain
  • Video and details
£24.99 *

Non-Drip Leak + Spill Traps

£14.95* Inc 20% VAT.
For goods bought outside the EU 20% VAT will be removed at checkout so the Net price £12.46 (15.98 USD) applies.

Versatile soggy-bottom proof sheets each absorb 1.75 Litres of clean water.  300mm x 200 x 2mm when dry (approx A4 size) 5 per pack they can help you our when you need to:-

  • Protect electrical components from water damage, e.g. when gas engineers service boilers
  • Reduce Risk of Slips and Accidents
  • Be sure a surface remains dry, even if some water may drip on it
  • Catch drips and mover them without risking drips & mess
  • Absorb Contaminants from Water
  • Create a flexible ice pack as for knocks and bruises
  • Create a warm pack but don't want to use a hot water bottle
  • "Store cold" to chill wine and other bottles for picnics…
  • Supply water and nutrients supply to hanging baskets and pot plants
  • Buy British
  • Video and details
£14.95 *
Incl. 20% VAT. Flat rate delivery for 1-4 pieces detailed below. FREE DELIVERY if you order 5 or MORE. We aim to get products to you wherever you are in the world in 1-2 working weeks.

Messups Non-Slip Super Absorbent Granules

£14.95* Inc 20% VAT.
For goods bought outside the EU, 20% VAT will be removed at checkout so the Net price £12.46 (15.98 USD) applies.

Messups Powder helps you restore surfaces safely quicker. It absorbs up to 5 litres of wet mess, from travel sickness, urine, blood or anything oily, creating easy-to-handle fresher crumbs.

Surround and cover the wet patch, mix in, give it a minute and brush up. Quickly contains, dries and de-odorizes making collection and disposal safer.

  • Helps clean up residue and foul odours after travel sickness.
  • Reduce accident risks associated with wet, slippery floors.
  • Absorbs foul odours replacing them with a fresh scent.
  • Smothers & contains contaminents, reducing the risk of infection
  • Use as part of a slip and trip risk minimisatiion plan for HSE
  • Free from animal derived substances
  • Retains moisture and nutrients in soil to help water-loving plants thrive.
  • Made in Britain
  • Video and details
£14.95 *
Incl. 20% VAT. Flat rate delivery for 1-4 pieces detailed below. FREE DELIVERY if you order 5 or MORE. We aim to get products to you wherever you are in the world in 1-2 working weeks.

Inc. VAT. Order 5 or more for FREE delivery

All orders and delivery times are subject to stock availability and postal services. We aim to get the products to you wherever you are in the world in 1-2 working weeks.

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