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About Allups Limited, our backstory

Distressed by news of people’s lives being devastated by floods and aware we would face more extreme weather events including flooding as a result of climate change in 2012 we read the UK government commissioned Pitt review's executive summary, to understand their authoritative assessment of how Britain as a nation should better prepare following the summer 2007 floods.

It informed everyone in ES.49 that although strategic sandbagging by experts alongside roads and adjacent to important buildings was helpful, they could find no significant evidence that it was effective in providing protection to individual households. It went on in ES.50 to say that although sandbagging brought communities together in their battle against localised flooding the general provision of sandbags should be phased out in favour of better products … other forms of temporary defence.

Understanding this and that insurance simply cannot compensate fully nor can we expect infrastructure to work 100% of the time we decided to develop quick and easy to use low-cost products people cannot easily make to help themselves that could make a real difference in their battle to protect their homes, families and places of work from all surface level floods.

We founded Allups Ltd in 2012 to address flood issues in the most practical common sensical way, with low environmental impact, to enable everyone to better protect themselves against personal loss, damage and post traumatic mental illnesses.

We believe damage repair is the most expensive option, far better to reduce the pain and time to recover by protecting our property, family and business in advance.

Following years in research and development as we learned about the needs of our clients Flood Trap tape evolved out of our prevous product called Flood Traps. While Flood Traps could only be fitted in preparation of an imminent flood and rendered the door out of action while fitted, Flood Trap tape can be left in the door for days or months before the flood arrives.

Even easier to fit Flood Trap tape simply sits between a door and its frame restricting air flow & saving energy while dry and swiftly expanding when wet to create a water proof band through which flood water cannot pass, so it is forced to find a different route rather than enter the property through gaps around a door.

We very much hope you safeguard your property against natural disasters from flood heavy rain, storms & monsoons to typhoons, hurricanes and exceptionally high tides ... with Flood Trap tape and other flood defence products to reduce overall damage, cost and heartache when irreplaceable items of sentimental value are destroyed. While flood insurance backed by FEMA or Floodre can help you build back better, they simply cannot replace those items that are linked to those special memories that make us who we are.

Please feel free to drop us a line to let us know what your experiences with our products are, so we can share them with others who may benefit.