Floodlock Leak and Spill Traps

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Catch drips from leaking appliances e.g. air conditioners, dehumidifiers, under the sink, radiators or any other awkward area where a bucket may not fit...

Protect electrics in boilers so water leaks during maintenance do not create a bigger problem. Prepare now to save time & money by preventing and addressing potentially damaging events with Floodlock Leak and Spill Traps.

Water plants less frequently. Line a plant container with Floodlock Leak and Spill Traps to store 1.75 Litres of water and nutrients. Slice the top open for roots to access nourishment as needed. Ideal for hanging baskets, plant propagators and pots...

Keep small pets drier and cleaner, use under bedding to stop leaks spreading.

Make a soft ice pack, to treat bruises or keep food and drinks a little cooler. Just soak up 1.75 litres of cold water and pop a Floodlock pad in the freezer to chill until needed.

De-ice your car, let your Floodlock Spill and Leak Trap absorb hot water in a basin. Take warm non drip pad to the car and move the dry blue surface slowly across the glass so the ice gnetly melts and can be wiped off with a rubber blade rather than scratched off with a scrapper. 

Below you can see the 5 x A4 size pads each with a white absorbent face and a blue water proof surface to protect neighbouring objects.

Spill and Leak Traps are shown in the bottom of a hanging basket, ready to capture water and nutrients to feed thirsty pot plants,
in place by a radiator to keep the flood beneath dry when the radiator is being bled and inserted above electircal components including a precious costly printed circuit board (PCB) before a gas engineer works on the water filled components in the combination boiler. 

Floodlock Leack and Spill Pads - 5 per packBefore_and_after_hanging_basket_in_a_circle_for_web_siteplumb_bags_protecting_radiators_in_oval_for_web_siteCombi_boiler_electrics_protected_by_Allups_Floodlock_175_plumbers_soak_up_bag_20cm_x_30cm_in_oval_for_web_site