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Floodlock Flood Traps; a more sustainable, effective, quick & easy alternative to sandbags

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Floodlock Flood Traps; a more sustainable, effective, quick & easy alternative to sandbags

To order Flood Traps Door and Window seals against flood please click here.

The Floodlock Flood Traps system means you can now store a pack in a draw and use it to fill any gaps around your door or opening window at the drop of a hat. Everyone from school children to the those of us who do not workout can fit them between a frame and its door or window as soon as a flood warning is received.


No longer a sitting duck you can free up time, people and resources to tackle other critical safey matters, without putting your back out filling and stacking 10 - 14 sandbags in front of a door. 

In 2007 the UK government's Pitt Review found no evidence that sandbags were effective for household use and recommended they be phased out and replaced with better temporary flood defence product.

We invented Flood Traps to give you:

better protection than 10-14 sandbags piled up in front of a door.

low cost protection against flood, each pack protects against 1ft 6" (0.5m) - 2ft 5" (0.8m) deep flood water (if you add door steps),

an effective barrier to flood water entry through gaps around doors, see what the Scottish Flood Forum discovered here.

a flood reduction solution with a negligible environmental impact

a lightweight and easy to use way to protect property everyone can feel less like a vulnerable burden and more able to take action to secure a better outcome in the face of potential disaster.

a product that can be easily stored and delivered - so its carbon foot print is small.

a product that is always ready for use - as long as they are kept dry.

a reuseable product:- IF you place it in the door and it doesn't get wet - just pop your Flood Traps back in the pack and use it next time there is a flood warning. Once contaminated with flood water - they cannot be reused.

a fast acting solution, so Flood Traps are quickly activated with unsalted flood water (or easily pre-activated before fitting if the expected flood may contain salt water, e.g a Tidal flood), 

a solution that will not leak until the floods subside to a level where you are happy to open the door.

Image-of-Flood-Traps-strip-being-preactivated-with-tap-water-in-a-sinkPhoto_of_Flood_Traps_preactivated_for_use_against_sea,_tidal_and_salt_water_floods.lab_test_image_of_Flood Traps_strips_against_flood_water_24_07_2013

a soution that can be disposed of easily as household waste to take up little space in landfill or be buried in the garden to store water for plants.

The most each 60 cm length will weigh is 2kg when wet just 1kg if the half trapped in the door remains dry.

Here you can see Paul Hendy of the Scottish Flood Forum holding a section that helped protect 1 of 3 properties in Glasgow, as he reported at the time "they are outstanding and will be a very welcome affordable solution for the masses" Image_of_Paul_Hendy_holding_the_wet_strip_after_it_worked_outstandingly_well_Nov_2014

Did you know a wet sandbag increases its weight from 15kg when dry to 25kg, so 10 would weigh 1/4 of a metric ton (0.28 US Short Tons). Imagine how much more environmental damage they cause once you consider transport costs to and from site and landfill.

Prepare for flood now with Flood Traps because we just don't know when or where the next floods will strike and being unprepared can cost you dearly in time, lost of sentimentla "stuff", remedial measure stress and mental anguish, especially where children, the sick and elderly are involved.

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