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Floodlock Flood Traps Water Expanding Tape

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Floodlock Flood Traps Water Expanding Tape

Flood Trap composite tape, a patented, water-expanding barrier, has been demonstrated to effectively reduce the entry of floodwater through doors. Tested in a real home - not a test lab - it kept out 95% of flood water 6" (15cm) up the door compared to the same door tested without Flood Trap Tape.

The tape closes the gap between the door and its frame to reduce drafts while dry, it expands when wet to better seal the gaps so much less flood water can get through. It’s easy to use and can be applied in advance of a flood, automatically reacting to boost your door’s seal when the flood arrives.

Sandbags, a traditional method of flood protection, were found to be no better than having no protection at all when placed in front of a door as reported in the UK government commissioned report by Sir Michael Pitt into the floods of Summer 2007 and can be seen in the video clip commissioned by Mary Long-Dhonau OBE and Simon Crowther "The Flood Guy®" on You Tube. Once the water circumvents the sandbags, they do little to stop the flow of water through the door. This is because sandbags do not provide a tight seal around the door, allowing water to seep through gaps.

Flood Trap composite tape provides a much more effective barrier, keeping out significantly more water. As an added benefit, the tape also acts as a draught excluder, helping to save on heating and cooling bills.

Click here to see a video on You Tube of how to use Floodlock Flood Trap Composite Tape and the difference it made when tested on a real back door.