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Wet mess de-odorising, slip reducing, absorbent granules.

1, Flat rate delivery for 1-4 pieces shown below. 2. We aim to get products to you in the UK in 1 working week, outside the UK in 1-2 working weeks. 3. Please include a local telephone number with order for the courier to avoid delay.

£5.99 / bottle(s)
Prices exclude delivery. Order 5 or more Flood Trap Tapes for FREE delivery.

In the UK prices include sales tax (VAT) at 20%.

For export from UK tax is excluded, import duties and taxes to be covered by the buyer locally, if payable.

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We aim to get the products to you wherever you are in the world in 1-2 working weeks. All orders & delivery times are subject to stock availability and postal services.  

Please include a local telephone number for the courier when you order to avoid delay.

UK delivery 1-4 items cost £5.55 total with Royal Mail First Class Signed For Post. 

Delivery to Europe - Iceland to Uzbekistan,1-4 items cost £10.55 total. Order 5 or more for FREE delivery. Please include a local telephone number for the courier to avoid delay.
Delivery to North America, South America, Africa, the Middle East, the Far East and South East Asia.Australasia, Singapore, New Zealand & most islands in the region.
1- 4 items cost £16.00 (21.00 USD) total. Order 5 or more for FREE delivery. Please include a local telephone number for the courier to avoid delay.

Messups Powder helps reduce infection and restore grip to wet surfaces.

Catch it, bin it technology for all kinds of wet mess. Just sprinkle Messups granules on the wet surface, mix it in, give it a minute and brush up. Quickly dries, de-odorizes, decontaminates and restores grip. 
  • Demonstrate compliance with Health and Safety requirements
  • Reduce the health / accident risks associated with wet, slippery potentially hazardous leaks & spills
  • In a vehicle, it can absorb vomit and its remnant distracting smell after travel sickness.
  • Absorbs both oil and water based fluids
  • One product can help dry out virtually any potentially hazardous spill or discharge to minimise risk to health
  • Non combustable and non toxic
  • Leaves no slippery residue, restores grip to wet, slippery surfaces from the floor to your hands
  • Absorbs foul odours replacing them with a fresh citrus scent
  • Free from animal derived substances
  • Improves soil by retaining moisture and nutrients to help water loving plants thrive.
  • Made in Britain
  • Free delivery for orders of 5 or more.​


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