Floodlock Door Protection Strips renamed later as Flood Traps

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Floodlock Door Protection Strips were improved and renamed to shorter Flood Traps.


Boston_Bulleting_Daily_Monday_9th_June_section_relating_to_Floodlock_by_Allups_Ltd_12619_image005Activated Flood Traps swollen to fill gaps around a door through which flood water would otherwise flow like bathwater through the plughole

Effective protection against flood entry through doors, without which water pours into a property like bathwater down a plughole. Each pack enables you to make a temporary flood door to the height the 2mm thick strips run up the side of the door, typically for floods 0.5m (20 inches) deep + the height of your door steps.
For protection against deeper floods and for larger doors and basements, simply use more strips to line further around the door frame.

Each pack includes

3 x lightweight strips each 0.6m (2 feet) long = 1.8m (6ft) in total, 11cm wide and 2mm thick to quickly and easily place between your door-frame and the door using

2 x Velcro-like tabs provided to help hold the side strips up

2 x corner pads to reduce the gaps if the door is a bit “wonky” at the bottom corners. 

Simply fix two strips up the side of the doorframe with the Velcro-like tabs, if your door does not fit too tightly add corner pads, and lay the third strip across the bottom of the doorframe overlapping about 10cm of the vertical lengths as they bend along the foot of the frame.

Closing the door traps each 2mm thick length of Flood Trap so strong flood currents cannot wash them away to create a possible hazard downstream. 

When the part of the 11cm wide strip that is exposed to unsalted floodwater becomes wet, or if it is wet with tap water before fitting against salt-water (sea / tidal) floods as illustrated, a soft water-proof gel swells to fill gaps around the door. 

As flood water levels rise and the pressure on the door increases it presses the waterproof seal further into gaps making it harder still for the polluted surface water to penetrate.

  • Ideal against all surface floods, even tidal and coastal floods.
  • Empowering and so easy to use a child could fit them.
  • Store in a draw - ever ready until wet.
  • Easily disposed of as household waste or buried. 
  • Developed to replace sand bags the UK Government commissioned Sir Michael Pitt's review executive summary ES.49 & ES.50 found ineffective for household​ use in 2007.
  • Independently proven effective on test and in real life, Visit our news and articles page to see who liked it and why.
  • Ultra lightweight when dry, less than 100 grams per 60 cm length, max 2kg per length when wet.
  • Compared to 10 sandbags they take less effort to use, save critical time, save transport and storage costs, use fewer resources / less space in landfill or if buried, cost less and can be stored while dry without going off, ready for use as an when the flash floods strike.



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