Flood Traps DIY Flood (Door / Window) Protection

Flood Traps DIY Flood (Door / Window) Protection

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How to prepare for a damaging storm flood warning or alert

Floodlock Flood Traps absorb liquid and swell to seal out floodwater. An effective, lightweight and easy to use alternative to 10-14 sandbags.

Trap the 2mm thick strips between door and frame. Once wet with water from floods sewage or tap the strips rapidly expand forming a soft waterproof gel-filled sealer. Additional floodwater then only serves to press the sealer further into gaps to improve performance. 

  • Remains effective even when punctured by multi point locks until the floodwater drains away or you open the door.
  • Use more strips for wider doors or windows or to run higher up the side of the opening to protect against deeper floods.
  • Patented system traps and holds up to 2 Lt of water.
  • Keep dry until needed, once wet and contaminated in use dispose of as household waste or bury near water loving plants.
  • Absorbs and Diverts Leaks and Floods
  • Easy to Use
  • Easily Disposed of after Use 
  • Made in Britain
  • Details


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