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Flood Traps Tape

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Floodlock® Flood Traps Tape help save energy keeping more air in & more flood water out.



Our unique 1.8m (5ft, 9") long composite insulating tape simply sticks between a door and its frame. 

Closing the gap to reduce drafts it automatically expands in just a minute when wet to boost the door’s weatherstripping against 0.44m (17") deep water as measured up the door. If you add the height of a single step at 15cm the pack helps protects against 0.59m (about 2ft) deep floods.

Performance will vary according to the severity of the flood, the condition of the door, its frame and fittings.


In tests on a 17 year old UPVC door when 20cm (7.8") of water was applied from the door threshold up the door, equivalent to about 35cm (1ft 1.7") deep floodwater measured from ground level after adding 15cm for the door step, once wet and inflated Flood Trap Tape reduced water entry by over 95%,watch the video to see for yourself.

Flood experts say it is best not to seal out 100% of flood water, especially deeper floods water, as it could lead to structural damage.Floodlock_tape_from_test_against_6_inch_15cm_deep_water


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