Flood Traps

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2007 – UK. .Gov Pitt Review Exec Summary ES 50 advised parliament to phase out sandbags in favour of better products because they could not find any significant evidence that they were effective for household use.

Floodlock® Flood Traps boost weather stripping by instantanously swelling when wet to form a tight-fitting door gasket that fills gaps around doors so you can now install a temporary flood door in under 10 minutes. 

An alternative to flood mitigation products with their inherent risk of being washed away to create a flood hazard downstream, like sandbags & inflatable sandless sandbags, quick dams... Flood Traps are simply the most effective, lightweight and affordable way to prepare your door for a flood emergency.

Floodlock Flood Traps 

  • Remain effective until the floodwater drains away or you open the door
  • Can be placed end to end to run around  any size door or window
  • Weigh less than 2kg per length when wet, so virtually anyone can use and dispose of them
  • Have unlimited shelf life while dry
  • Are very quick and easy to use
  • Can be buried or disposed of as household waste after use 
  • Are made in the UK
  • Are offered with free international and domestic delivery for orders of 5 or more 




Floodlock Flood Traps installation video


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