Floodlock Flood Traps DIY water inflating door seal

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Floodlock Flood Traps DIY water inflating door seal

To buy Flood Traps Door and Window seals against flood please click here. To change currency please select classic view at bottom of the page.

Flood Traps help you free up time, people and resources to tackle other critical safety matters, without risking physical strain and injury by filling and stacking 10 - 14 sandbags in front of a door when minutes count before the flood. To see a video of how they work click here.

Did you know? In 2007 the UK government commissioned Sir Michael Pitt to Review to investigate the devastating summer floods and report on what must be done better for the following floods. From his Executive Summary (E.S) you can read...

E.S. 49 "The Review was unable to obtain any significant evidence that sandbags were particularly effective 
during the 2007 summer floods in providing protection to individual households."

E.S 50 "... The general provision of sandbags should be phased out in favour of better products ... other forms of temporary defence".

We at Allups Ltd invented Flood Traps so you can:

  • Stop feeling like a vulnerable burden in the face of potential flood disaster.
  • Protect your property without physical strain - each 60 cm length weighs 2kg when wet, just 1kg if the half trapped in the door remains dry as shown in the image below after protecting homes from Flood in Glasgow*.
  • ​More effectively seal the 3mm+ gap around outside doors and windows so you need no longer rely on brute force to move 10-14 sandbags in front of door.
  • Save money, 1 pack of Flood Traps helps protect a 32” (81.3cm) wide door against 1ft 6" (0.5m) deep floods - 2ft 5" (0.8m) including door steps,
  • Protect against flood with very low environmental impact: Flood Traps can be disposed of easily as household waste to take up little space in landfill or be buried in the garden to store water for plants and being very light save on transport fuel and carbon emmissions.
  • Store a lightweight and easy to use product that is always ready for use - as long as they are kept dry.
  • Save critical time with a fast-acting solution: Flood Traps are quickly activated with unsalted flood water (or easily pre-activated before fitting if the expected flood may contain salt water, e.g. a Tidal flood), 
  • Have a solution that works effectively until the floods subside to a level where you are happy to open the door and emerge from isolation.

Prepare for flood now with Flood Traps – a step towards some peace of mind in the face of possible loss of time, sentimental "stuff", stress and mental anguish … if ever you are caught out by an unpredictable ever more frequent flood.

Did you know a wet sandbag increases its weight from 15kg when dry to 25kg, so 10 would weigh 1/4 of a metric ton (0.28 US Short Tons)? Imagine how much more environmental damage they cause once you consider transport costs to and from site and landfill.

*In November 2014 Flood Traps effectively kept contaminated drain water from entering through gaps around the doors on 4 properties in North Glasgow.
We know this to be true having received a telephone call from a reputable gentleman who asked to remain anonymous just after the floods. He happily reported; “your Flood Traps are an Outstanding Success… they worked very well, far better than all previously tried solutions!”. 

Photos he kindly sent as evidence show:
  1. flood water failing to drain following a heavy downpour
  2. the inside of one of the homes, previously repeatedly flooded with Flood Traps in position between the door and its frame. You can see inside the hallway remained dry
  3. one of the lengths of Flood Traps swollen with flood water after it protected one of four houses from surface flood

Image_of_overflowing_drain_causing_floodImage_of_door_with_Floodlock_Strips_keeping_flood_water_outImage_of_Paul_ex Hendy_Operations_Director_at_the_Scottish_Flood_Forum_holding_a_wet_strip_after_it_stopped_floodwater_entering_a_home_in_Glasgow_Nov_2014

The images below show how Flood Trap would be fitted between a door and its frame before a fresh water flood, and how it would be floded in half lengthwise, wet and fitted to protect against salie water floods e.g. tidal flooding. 


Flood Traps fitted dry around an outside door in preparation for a floodImage-of-Flood-Traps-strip-being-partially wet-with-tap-water-in-a-sink in preparatio for a sea water flood


Photo_of_Flood_Traps_preactivated_for_use_against_sea,_tidal_and_salt_water_floods.lab_test_image_of_Flood Traps_strips_against_flood_water_24_07_2013

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