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Messups Restore Wet Surfaces Fast

Messups Restore Wet Surfaces Fast

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Floodlock Messups Dry Up Powder

Our unique blend restores slippery surfaces, quickly reducing accident risk and unpleasant odours, it absorbs vomit, pet waste, spilled oil, ink, paint ... so you can sweep it up and start afresh. Quickly, Easily and Effectively Clean & Freshen Surfaces after Hazardous Spills with Floodlock Messups Powder.

  1. Effective against oil, water, bodily fluids, ink, paint and many other messy and infectious hazards.

  2. Your ideal travel companion, especially when travelling with babies, children, teenagers, adults and pets who may suffer from travel sickness, this quick "dry cleaner" is a life saver.

  3. Quickly restores grip to wet, slippery surfaces from the floor to your hands.

  4. Absorbs foul odours replacing them with a fresh scent.

  5. 100 gram pack soaks up to 5 Litres of wet mess, converting it into crumbs to be brushed away quickly and safely, reducing the risk of contamination.

  6. Improves soil by retaining moisture to help plants access water and nutrients too.


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