Flood Traps - help keep floods out doors (& windows)

Flood Traps - help keep floods out doors (& windows)

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Independently proven to reduce floodwater ingress around doors to a manageable trickle or less, until the floods drain away...see how they work and what they do.

Put Flood Traps around your doorframe and close the door! When wet they swell to create a soft water proof gel seal.  

If you are facing sea / salt-water floods pre wet half the length as shown in the video and trap the dry part between the door and its frame as before.

Floodlock Flood Traps provide effective protection against flood entry through doors & windows. Each pack enables you to make a temporary flood door to the height the 2 mm thick strips run up the side of the door, typically against floods 0.5 m (20 inches) deep + the height of your door steps.

For protection against deeper floods and larger doors, simply use more strips.






So lightweight and easy to use a child could trap them between a door or window and its frame before the flood strikes.
Floodlock Flood Traps developed and produced by Allups Ltd in the UK are:-

Proven against all surface floods. Pre-activated as shown in the video they work effectively against tidal and coastal floods.

Not going to deteriorate in sunlight like sandbags. Kept dry in a draw they remain ready to be used for years.

OK to be popped in the general waste bin once used or buried.

Designed, developed made in the UK to address the UK Government commissioned Pitt review's recommendation to replace sandbags with better temporary flood defence because in 2007 the Pitt review found no evidence sandbags were effective for household use against flood. 

Proven to work by independent bodies both on test and in real life. Visit our news and articles page to see how we worked with Boston Borough Council & what the Scottish Flood Forum said about Floodlock Flood Traps.

So compact and lightweight they can be stored and delivered wherever and whenever needed, though to be sure you get yours and are happy to use it in time of crisis best buy now rather than join the queue when disaster strikes.

Easy to clamp between a door (or windows) & its frame. Once wet with unsalted flood water or tap water the 2mm thick Flood Traps immediately swell to form a soft water-resistant gel that closes gaps helping keep all surface floods, even tidal floods, out.

Time saving, easy to transport. store and dispose of once used - weigh up the cost benefits to yourself and the planet.

Easily fitted between a door or window and its frame whether you are indoors or outside. Just don't open the door until the flood waters drain away.

Invest a little in Allups flood mitigating Flood Traps now to reduce the severity, seriousness & painfulness of being flooded & suggest others to so as well.

Why rely on sandbags from authorities when in 2007 the Pitt review said they are not particularly effective for household use?. That includes "free “sandbags the council gives out for you to fill, sand-less sandbags and inflatable sandbags and similar products like quick dams that are prone to being carried away with flood water.

Why rely on insurance or any single product to protect all you hold dear against unwelcome floods?, none can ever replace the memories associated with photos and gifts of little monetary value but precious to us as reminders of the good times and who and what we love most. If on average a flood home is inhabitable for 9 months do whatever you can now to reduce the damage and time out, you will be glad you did.

If ever there was a case for a belt and braces solution - this is one. Take action now, start with Flood Traps our innovative low cost, effective and easy to store, use and dispose of flood barrier / door sealer and be better prepared!

The independent and reputable Scottish Flood Forum's operations director saw how Floodlock Flood Traps worked when applied to 4 homes in Glasgow in Nov 2014. Later he reported "Floodlock Flood Traps are an outstanding success" and went on to say they make flood protection more accessible to the most vulnerable and hope; being so affordable, discrete and effective, that people keep a pack or two in a draw to apply as soon as a flood warning is issued. See News and Articles for more information.

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