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About Allups Limited /Our backstory

About Allups Limited /Our backstory

Flood Trap Tape: A Lifeline Against Nature’s Fury

In the wake of devastating floods and the looming spectre of climate change, our resolve crystallized: we needed practical solutions to protect homes, families, and communities. Armed with determination, we founded Allups Ltd in 2012, driven by a mission to empower individuals against the relentless force of water.

The Pitt Review’s Revelation

The UK government’s commissioned Pitt review revealed a sobering truth: traditional sandbagging, while community-building, fell short in safeguarding individual households.

We embraced the report’s wisdom, recognizing that insurance and infrastructure alone couldn’t shield us from nature’s wrath. We needed innovative, accessible tools.

Enter Flood Trap Tape

Years of research and development led us to Flood Trap tape—a game-changer in flood defense.

Unlike its predecessor, Flood Traps, which required last-minute installation and rendered doors unusable, Flood Trap tape is proactive and unobtrusive.

Installation is a breeze: it snugly fits between door and frame, conserving energy while dry. When wet, it swells into a watertight barrier, forcing floodwaters to seek alternative paths.

Why Flood Trap Tape Matters

Cost-Effective: Repairing flood damage is exorbitant. Prevention is wiser—Flood Trap tape minimizes pain, recovery time, and financial strain.

Sentimental Preservation: Some losses can’t be measured in pounds or dollars. Flood Trap tape shields cherished memories—photographs, heirlooms, and mementos—from destruction.

Environmental Consciousness: Our low-impact solution aligns with sustainability goals, reducing waste and resource consumption.

Facing Nature Head-On

From relentless rain to typhoons and high tides, Flood Trap tape stands guard. It’s not just a product; it’s resilience woven into every fiber.

While FEMA and Floodre-backed insurance help rebuild, they can’t replace the irreplaceable—the fragments of our identity that floods threaten to wash away.

Share Your Experience

Have you used Flood Trap tape? We’d love to hear your stories. Drop us a line, and let’s build a community of resilience together.