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From: Peter Farren

Sent: 10 January 2020 14:06

To: Steven Jacobs <>

Subject: Re: Flood traps - Order 1177

Many thanks for prompt refund - appreciated

Happy to write a Trustpilot review along the lines of “Didn’t work for my doors - instant refund, no questions asked - pleasure to deal with”

I will be happy to validate it if asked


Peter Farren

On 10 Jan 2020, at 10:19, Steven Jacobs <> wrote:

Dear Mr Farren,

I think I understand your hardwood door may have swollen with humidity and, with the very tight tolerance you have left, there is no space to comfortably fit the Flood Traps.

Please find attached confirmation of the refund in full I have just made to your account.

You may keep the good product and use it as and when the door shrinks or if you have another application with our apologies for the inconvenience.

Kind regards

Steve Jacobs
Allups Limited


Following the letter referenced on the landing page, received Sept. 2017 I wrote back asking why Mrs Parrish was so keen to buy our product and if she would kindly let me share her experiences with others.


By way of a Thank you to Mrs Parrish for her seaching for us when she could no longer buy from one of our resellers and in appreciation of her permission to publish her story, copied below, we sent Mrs Parrish a Flood Trap free of charge.


November 2014 - from a telephone call from a reputable gentleman who tried Floodlock door protection strips on four council properties in North Glasgow. He asked to remain anonymous and said,

“...your Floodlock Door Protection Strips are an Outstanding Success… they worked very well, far better than all previously tried solutions!”. A wonderful very affordable and effective product at last, very welcome, they should help masses especially people on low income".