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Flood Traps Composite Tape


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Patented Floodlock® Flood Trap Tape: A new way to reduce flooding & heat loss from doors

Floodlock® Flood Trap Composite Tape is a unique product developped to protect property from floods through doors by sticking to the door frame to reduce enegy loss via draughts and by swelling when wet to seal against water. 

  • It blocked 95% of water when tested on a 17-year-old UPVC door against 20cm (7.8") of water measured from the threshold up.
  • In homes with a single 15cm (6") high doorstep and a  91.5cm (3ft) wide door a standard 1.8m (5.9 ft) long pack can be effective against floods up to 0.59m (2ft) deep 
  • It’s easy, cheap, and energy-saving compared to other door flood protection products.
  • It’s 3-4mm (1/8-3/16") thick and fits neatly in door gaps.
  • It forms a water-resistant seal in minutes of getting wet

How to Use Floodlock® Flood Trap Composite Tape

To use Floodlock® Flood Trap Composite Tape, follow these simple steps:

  1. Position tape to fit evenly up the sides of your door frame, 
  2. Peel off the backing film and stick the tape to the frame, pressing it tight into the corners.
  3. Leave it in place dry as an energy saving draught excluder.
  4. If you become aware a flood is about to happen then pre-wet the tape before closing the door to improve its performance if you have time, but do not worry it will expand with any water in just a few minutes.
  5. Close the door and lock it securely.

Important Notes

  • Floodlock® Flood Trap Composite Tape is designed to reduce water entry, not to seal out 100% of flood water. Sealing out all the water could cause structural damage to your door or building, especially when floods are deeper, so flood experts agree the flood water flow should be reduced but not completely stopped if floods are deep and in direct contact with the building structure.
  • The performance of Floodlock® Flood Trap Tape may vary depending on the severity of the flood, the composition of the flood water, the condition of the door, its frame and fittings, and other factors.
  • We do not believe there is a "permanent" solution for door flooding, all products have their limitations! Floodlock® Flood Trap Composite Tape is primarily intended for emergency flood use, though it can also help save energy while waiting for a flood. 
  • After the flood, remove the tape and dispose of it properly.
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